Paycheck Stubs

Employee check stubs are a physical recording of information. They can include: how much money a person has made, either from an employer or by being self employed, how much has been withheld for taxes, retirement money (both pre-taxed and after tax), and even how much money was put towards healthcare.

Payroll check stubs usually contain this information for a current pay period, and they often contain a running total for the entire year. There are generally two columns for the information, the current pay period and a year-to-date total. Many people like looking at their year-to-date information to get an idea of how much they may earn in a certain year. They can also get an idea of whether or not they are having enough taken out for state or federal taxes (although some states don't have a payroll tax).

Check stubs templates are available online and easy to use. Check stubs are an important part of business, but creating one doesn't have to be difficult. To start, you simply fill out a check stub template with your information and let the online calculator do the rest. It's important to note that the stubs can include the last four of your Social Security number, but as an alternative you could also use and Employee ID Number as a way to differentiate. Per the current system it will only allow the last four of your SS# and we recommend you do not include your whole number anywhere else for security purposes. Even corporate America has gotten away from using social security numbers to identify their employees. You may want to create an employee number or simply use the last four digits of your social security number, the choice is yours.