Pay Stub Templates

For anyone who may be considering paying a payroll company to create their employee checks stubs, there's a better way. Pay stub templates are available online and can help anyone to create the perfect, professional employee pay stubs. The online template allows the user to put in a variety of information, and can include the business name at the top, just like a traditional paycheck stub. Other information can include the payroll time period, employee number, and even state and federal taxes.

Online check stub templates even have a calculator to help figure out percentages for taxes or other deductions. A big difference between using a pay stub template and a payroll service, besides the cost, is that you can create check stubs almost instantly. After plugging in the information, you simply hit the print button from your computer and within seconds you'll have professional, exact payroll stubs for employees. There's no need to wait for them to arrive in the mail, you have them at your fingertips in just moments.

Online check stubs are much quicker than a traditional payroll company. They include information for the current pay period and also have a yearly running total of pay, and any deductions. It's easy for employees to get a quick glimpse of their earnings from the easy to read pay check stub. For accounting reasons, businesses can even add the latest check number to the stub. An online pay stub generator provides quick, easy access to your check stub. Smart companies understand the incredible savings of using a paystub maker along with the convenience and ease of use.