Make Pay Stubs

If you need to make pay stubs, it's now easier than ever. Years ago, companies had to have their payroll officer or payroll department hand write each one. Now that computers are in every office and virtually every home, payroll check stubs take little time and are easy to create. If you are self employed, own your own business, or an entrepreneur, you're in luck. A pay stub generator makes the task quick and painless.

Not only are online paystubs easy to create, but the website is built to fully protect users' information. Whether you enter your name, address, or payment method, the information is all fully protected with SSL encryption. SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer, a type of technology that protects everything from your user password to your credit card information, and everything in between you might enter on the website. Your online check stubs are safe here.

SSL works by encrypting data you enter into the website. Before sending the information, it scrambles the message so that no one else can 'read' it. To date, SSL is one of the safest ways of securing a guests' information when they enter it on a website. So what does this mean for you? Whether you enter your address, last four of your social security number, or income, you don't have to worry about it being stolen from prying eyes. This is just one of the great features available with a paystub generator.