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Who Needs a Pay Stub?

It may become necessary for employees to make a paystub for a variety of different reasons; perhaps you're an employer who needs to keep tabs on how much employees are being paid and on what dates, or maybe you're an employee who needs to learn how to make a paystub in order to keep track of their own wages for tax purposes, etc. In the past, deciding to create pay stubs was a much more difficult undertaking, as one would need the consult of a lawyer or a payroll company.

Not anymore! PayStubb.com is here so that when you need to make a pay stub, it is infinitely simpler, and much more cost effective. For just a few dollars, you can create online paystubs and print pay stubs that have been fully customized using our paystub template. Information like the hourly wage, payment amount, employer and employee info, etc. can be entered into our unique pay stub maker in just a few minutes. More detailed information can also be added into the paystub creator. Simply add all of the necessary information onto your pay stub template using the paystub generator, and with a click of the mouse you've got your very own customized online paystubs, and you can print pay stubs for your records.

Why is PayStubb.com the Best Way to Get Employee Paystubs for new Entrepreneurs?

Although it may seem easy to create paystubs on your own, without consulting a service such as PayStubb.com to create paystubs and/or print paystubs is a smart idea. You will find that the large businesses in the payroll industry charge excessive fees to create pay stubs and or make check stubs. Why deal with this unnecessary hassle or cost, when you can simply visit PayStubb.com and use the custom paystub generator to create pay stubs online? We have everything you need to make a check stub and print pay stubs in one quick session on your laptop or other device, all at the cost of just a few dollars! You will learn how to make a paystub within minutes, and your online paystub, whether you may need to make a pay stub for time-tracking, or personal records use PayStubb.com for your online paystub needs!

How to Create Paystubs Online Using Our Paystub Generator

A pay stub is a helpful record that displays the payments received, and type of taxes deducted from each paycheck, and any other activity that may occur during each pay period. Employee pay stubs also display the current running total of payments earned for the year, as well as the current pay period information. This record of financial information is very useful so when you find yourself in need of employee paystubs, you will be relieved to know that you can create paystubs online with our pay stub generator.

The following steps will help you prepare to make a check stub quickly and easily:

  1. Gather any and all information that you will need to enter into our pay stub template, and when you're ready, hop on to PayStubb.com to open our paystub maker.
  2. Familiarize yourself with each field on the paystub template, making sure to insert your name or the name of the employee for whom you will make a check stub, along with personal information.
  3. Enter payment details on the online paystub. Note that this may be in the form of either hourly rates or salary amount, which would remain the same over each pay period on your employee pay stubs.
  4. Fill-in exact dates of beginning and end of pay period, checking for any overtime or vacation time that may need detailed as well – and use this information to calculate the year-to-date hours as well.
  5. Note any deductions that may appear
  6. Detail any federal, state, and or local taxes that have been deducted from the employee paystub, making sure to add this information to the year-to-date fields on your online paystub as well.
  7. Add the employee's initial start date (if necessary and/or within the same calendar year), any vacation time he or she has and/or any vacation hours already utilized.
  8. Before you print paystubs, you must be sure to check all fields on your paystub template so that your employee pay stub will reflect accuracy in the total gross payment.

Why Use a PayStubb.com Template for Employee Pay Stubs and Internal Self-employed Record Keeping?

The process of creating online paystubs at PayStubb.com allows a company, or entrepreneur to make a check stub using our hassle-free paystub template. Our pay stub template features an automatic calculator, which helps you to figure and display the employee's gross-to-net income in just minutes.

Of course, you can choose to search for an online pay stub template using a search engine; however, this is not a good idea if you want to make a check stub. When you come across free paystub templates online, you never know where they've been created which is important in your need to make a paystub record. These free online paystubs may be organized incorrectly, missing critical information fields or have a confused organization that may hassle to understand – why take a chance when you can simply access PayStubb.com's paystub maker, and for just a few bucks you can be confident that when you print pay stubs, they will be exactly what you need!

Why PayStubb.com is Perfect for Employers, new Entreprenuers, and Self-employed Internal Record Keeping?

In the not-so-distant past, employers could simply hand-write employee check stubs straight from the pages of their business checkbooks. Today, however, this is no longer needed.

To be sure that your needs are taken seriously, you must find a dependable method to create employee paystubs, and print paystubs as well. All of your online paystub needs can be met simply through accessing PayStubb.com. When you consider any process by which you will need your pay stubs, the need to see detailed breakdowns not only of your payments, but also any deductions, gross to net pay, and any other items that may not be reflected through a hand-written check. You also want to make certain that when you decide how to make a paystub, the software you use will ensure that your calculations are correct for your employee pay stubs. Lastly, when you decide to create paystubs online, you want to be sure that the pay stub maker you choose is secure, and maintains your privacy.

Here you will find a secure and simple pay stub creator, and a paystub template that is easy-to-use and intuitive enough for anyone to make a check stub within just minutes, and for just a few dollars. A minimal amount of research can aid you in deciding which specific type of paystub template you should choose for your specific needs – and no matter what your paystub needs may be met on our site. Why put your needs at risk when everything you need is at your fingertips on PayStubb.com?